Monday, 30 November 2015

BENEATH YOUR FEET- The manly pursuit of beautiful man hole covers

For many years now, Rich has been harbouring a deep dark secret- one of his favourite photography subjects has been the seemingly odd choice of man hole covers (one of our friends described him as a "man hole cover geek"). Walked over and often ignored, these necessary and functional items are sometimes works of art, with the character of the place in which they are situated being evident in the design. Many a local has stared in puzzlement at Rich standing in the middle of a road taking great care to record the particular unusual sight. I've persuaded him to share some of the more striking ones, but there are many more.......


  1. Very interesting cultural motifs. There is allot to be seen in the design as ways of representing lost spaces in the abstractions of modern life. The travelers' urge to explore can be about other places as self in the form of a journal through pscho-geography captured as what covers place zones of non-place. Really nice, thanks for the post.

  2. I love em! You did tell me before that Richard photographs manhole covers, and I have mentioned it on occasion to others. I think they are interesting artifacts as they display their origin and are kind of works of art! Thanks for sharing them at last!