Friday, 16 January 2015


Some of you more observant readers may notice there is no "Best /Worst List for 2013" post. The reason for this is most of the year we were helping out in the guesthouse in KL, and the remainder of the year was spent in India, so the results would have been somewhat skewered! So, we've taken a little liberty, and included the last few months of 2013 on this list for 2014. It's been our best travel year yet!

Best Muslim monument- Tie, Shah-e Chareagh, Shiraz, Iran/ Jameh Mosque, Yazd, Iran

Best Hindu monument- temples around Pushkar lake, India

Best Christian monument- Geghard monastery, Yerevan, Armenia

Best Jain monument- Jain Temple, Bikaner, India

Oldest Monument- Choqa Zanbil, Ahwas, Iran

Best colonial architecture- Calcutta, India

Best Soviet architecture- Yerevan, Armenia

Best Mogul architecture- Maheshwar, India

Best heritage town- Bushehr, Iran

Best village architecture- Tie, tiered houses, Masouleh, Iran/ cave dwellings Meymand, Iran

Coldest weather- Bikaner, India (December)

Hottest weather-  Ahwas, Iran (May)

Most rain- Bandar Abbas, Iran (February)

Best western food- Pushkar, India

Best local food- Kazbegi, Georgia

Best overall food- Iran

Best beer: Georgia

Best wine: Armenia 

Best restaurant- Tie, Blue Sky Cafe, Calcutta/ Traditional Tea house, Kerman Grand Bazar, Iran 

Cleanest guesthouse/hotel- Swallow Guesthouse, Krabi, Thailand (third year running!)

Homiest guesthouse/hotel- Birdnest, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia (third year running!)

Best value guesthouse/hotel- Kazbegi guesthouse, Georgia

Best social guesthouse/hotel- Tie- Ko Fruitopia, Thailand/ Birdnest, Kuala Lumpar

Worst guesthouse- Hotel Maria, Calcutta, India

Cheapest guesthouse/hotel- Tie, Mama Luna Guesthouse, Pushkar, India/ Ganesh Guesthouse, Omkareshwar, India (200 rupees/ AU$3.50)

Most expensive guesthouse/hotel-Downtown Hostel, Yerevan, Armenia (13,800 dram/ AU$36)

Most beautiful clothing- Tie, Rajastan, India/ Baluchistan, Iran

Best festival- Tie, Pushkar Camel Fair, India/ Dark moon Festival, Omkareshwar, India/ Baluchi wedding, Iran

Best wildlife experience- 20 otters playing, Cherating, Malaysia

Best beach experience- Ko Phangan, Thailand 

Best museum- Tie, Tehran National Museum, Iran/ Shahri-e Sakhta, Zabol, Iran

Best fort-Tie, defensive towers, Shatili, Iran/ Bikaner Fort, India/ Chittogarh Fort, India

Best music- Persian Gulf, Iran

Best market- Tie, Minab, Iran/ Verissage Flea Market, Yerevan, Armenia

Friendliest people- Tie, Baluchistan, Iran/ Persian Gulf, Iran ....actually everywhere in Iran!!

Most unusual “sight”- Tie, Minab women, Iran/ Rat temple, Deshnok, India

Best motorbike ride- Pushkar to Aloo Baba, India

Best public transport- Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

Best train trip- Indore to Chittor, India

Most scenic road trip- Tbilisi to Shatili, Georgia

Worst road- Tbilisi to Shatilli, Georgia

Best hike- Tie, around Goris, Armenia/ Shatili to Mutso, Georgia

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  1. Many thanks for your best/worst list of 2014. Your B/WLs are one of the most useful planning tools. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Matt.