Saturday, 13 September 2014


Or cash?? Thailand

Appropriate name? We didn't use this place, Yangon, Burma
The classic old Honda "Smash" motorbike, Thailand

Thai toilet, explaining what not to do

I think we all know what they mean, Armenia

It wasn't, Sumatra

SO wrong, Sumatra

Interesting sentiment, Thailand

No idea what this one is all about, Thailand

Two of many similar signs on Sikkim roads- by the time the driver reads them, he's had an accident! (Thanks Mike for these ones)

Note the precise portion sizes, Indian Railway cafe

No chillums allowed? Doesn't seem right in India!

Weirdly found at the Botanic Gardens, Penang. Slightly over cautious.

Should I go for the "Innocence", or the "Modesty"?

Penang problems, Malaysia

Fair enough, Thailand

Attractive duck, Thailand

Mmmmm- tasty! Thailand

Rich is enthralled, Malaysia

The less said the better, Malaysia

What the Hell is number 2?, Thailand

Seems like a challenging job, Malaysia

An irritable bus ticket office, Iran

Iranian fruit drink

Actually smelt quite nice, Iran

Gotta watch those damn pickels, India (thanks Mike)

Sounds sort of romantic, India

Looks kinda familiar? The Burmese version

Difficult to take them off, Burma

Condom shop, Bangkok (of course!)

Different kind of virus, Armenia

Ao Nang, restaurant, Thailand

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  1. A road far less traveled are those who really can see the funny side of the sign, as you do, rather than the sigh as a source of confusion for the international tourist. Nice work.