Saturday, 25 September 2010


ATM, Bangkok Zoo, Thailand
Shop front, Bali, Indonesia

Laos hospital

Redneck bar, Canada

Thai market

Thai menu

Vietnam sign about HIV

The Egyptian version

Dahab menu item, Egypt

Another from Dahab, Egypt

Indonesian barber

Breaking the rules, Borobodur, Indonesia

Calcutta- any ideas?

Dubious Indian establishment

Indian rough estimate, Calcutta

Would you trust this man?

Pick the Muslim

Memorial plaque in park, India

Recruiting Indian Army

Interesting qualifications, India

Guard dog, Sri Lankan style
Tough shops, Philippines
Interesting ice-cream flavour, Dahab, Egypt
Suspect restaurant, Egypt
Artistic plants, Java, Indonesia
Dirty movie cinema, India
Dirty movie cinema, India

 Not exactly clean, Varanasi, India

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